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  • How do I decide what shingle to choose after a hail storm?

    The choice of shingle is a personal one unless there are restrictive covenants in your area that make the choice for you. Often, storm damage leads to the homeowner asking this question. They don't just wake up and decide to change their roof. Usually, a big hail storm will have struck the Dallas Fort Worth area and now they are deciding what to choose, or perhaps a big storm has revealed leakage. The main concerns I see are:

    • Cost: for many people, this is of overriding importance to them. A three tab shingle will of course be the least expensive way to go, but will not have the curb appeal of a higher grade product.
    • Value: this is where other factors enter the equation. For most people, a shingle like the GAF Timberline will represent the best value with excellent long term wearability and good looks.
    • Color: "I saw a house that really had a great looking color on the roof; can you match it?" When I hear this, it usually means a homeowner saw a designer color roof that caught their eye.
    • Resale value: "I really do not want to spend much as I'm planning to sell soon." Look around at your neighbors' homes. If they have three tab roofs, it certainly will not make sense to put up a designer shingle in the neighborhood, and vice versa.
    • Insurance settlement: The insurance company will pay to restore your home to what it was. They will not pay for shingle upgrades.

    If you have questions, and you probably do, please feel free to call us or click on the contact form. We will be happy to help in any way we can.

    WeatherPRO Roofing Professional Roofing Contractors

      • WeatherPRO Roofing and the importance of choosing a quality roof contractor in Garland, Richardson, Mesquite, Dallas, Plano, Coppell, TexasWeatherPRO Roofings' slogan: "Above All...Quality." Quality Roofing!
      • WeatherPRO: A Reliable Roofing Contractor Doing Quality Work

        Searching for a reliable contractor like us at WeatherPRO Roofing can be a daunting task. Everyone will claim to be an expert. I am not an expert, even after decades, because new products are constantly emerging. But I am certainly far from a newbie - I'm well seasoned, like my hair... Salt and pepper. Just as there are roofers willing to do shoddy work, there are customers willing to hire them because of the cheap price and promises made.

        Because you are reading this article, odds are good that you are looking for a quality roofer. One way to find a contractor is to find a contractor that has done a lot of homes in your area. Some times, this is a good indicator if the work was high quality and the customers are happy. It generally will take a few years before shoddy roofing methods show. In roofing, there is no substitute for experience. It simply is not possible to learn to roof well in a short period of time.

        Sometimes, multiple roofs in an area are simply indicative of overly aggressive sales tactics. Some of the larger hail roofing companies use a persistent door knocking campaign to wear down homeowners, and it often works. People just get tired of the day after day knocking and relent.

        The best indicator of a quality contractor is a direct referral from another happy, knowledgeable customer. Next from there is research. Know what you want, and find someone that cares about their worksmanship. Having a crew with the same foreman running it every day is very beneficial.

        After storm events, crews are assembled quickly to meet demand and quality often suffers with "split crews" because the owner/foreman is not present to oversee the fine details, and a "split crew" may have quite a number of trainees.At WeatherPRO Roofing we believe everyone has the right to learn a new job, but all things being even, I'd prefer a crew of veterans with maybe one trainee at a time on my roof. At WeatherPRO Roofing, we have seasoned, veteran crews at our disposal when storms occur and not frantically trying to create them. Professional roofers remember who fed them and their families through the lean times and remain very loyal.

        We at WeatherPRO Roofing are quality roofing contractors and will not cut corners. Therefore, we will not be the cheapest contractor in the area.The cheapest price always comes from the cheapest labor and the cheapest materials, or a combination of the above. It is no different than finding the cheapest steak dinner. The cheapest steak will not be a prime ribeye at a fine sit down restaurant.

        What enters the decision making process for me is the best value. Find me a quality steak in a clean place with a good chef and I am very content. I can live without the most expensive cut of meat at the finest establishment. I am seeking the best value for my hard earned dollars. I want quality and consistency.

        When shopping for roof materials, I certainly wouldn't rest well knowing my roof was constructed of the cheapest materials available when the storm alert sounded. I see quite a number of roofs with many patches and blue tarps. That would never work for me at any price. I don't need the fanciest designer shingle, but I'd want a heavy duty one from a reputable manufacturer. At WeatherPRO Roofing, we use quality materials t help assure a quality end product that you will be happy with.

        If my roof loses shingles, I always have felt paper as a backup, right? Not necessarily. If you used thin #15 felt paper, it probably also caught air and flew away. Thin felt gets very brittle and is weak to begin with. If you had synthetic underlayment attached with plastic caps (nail with a large plastic washer), you'd probably still have it in place and the only leakage you'd face would be water working through the nail holes used to attach the shingles rather than directly through your roof sheathing in force and causing major damage. At WeatherPRO Roofing, we recommend synthetic underlayments for peace of mind.

        Underlayment is an often overlooked part of a roof. It is a case where you don't see it, so why worry about it? Out of sight, out of mind and, well, it is just felt anyway. The cheapest felt is 15 pound. In the old days, 15 pound felt paper weighed 15 pounds per 100 square feet. Nowadays, the specifications have been dirtied up. A 15 pound felt is now designated "#15 felt paper" and can weigh about 8-13 pounds. If you want to assure yourself that you have the similar weight to an old 15 pound felt, order #30, which weighs less than the 30 of old. The gripe many roofers have about #30 felt is they will often say it doesn't lay down as flat as #15, which is true. The thinner the paper, the flatter it will lay naturally. You have to be more careful with #30 to roll it out straight and not have creases. Not too difficult at all, but it isn't the fastest. In a heavy downpour, a #30 will outlast a #15 felt before leaking. The felt paper that used proper overlaps will leak far less than the one that saved materials by shorting the laps. That is just common sense. Today, there are products that perform even better than felt paper such as the modern synthetic underlayments using the plastic cap nailing system. At WeatherPRO Roofing, we recommend synthetic underlayments for peace of mind.

        There tend to be two major types of contractors out there: those they care and those that don't. There are those that are out to make a short-term profit. In other words, they get into the business and get out of the business. Their goal is to make as much money as possible in the short term with no intention of ever returning if a problem occurs. By happy coincidence, there are people whose primary concern is to find the cheapest way to do something, so it is a match made in heaven. When problems occur later on, many of these roofs are unsalvageable because they were installed poorly from the cheap underlayment, poor flashing, subpar nailing, etc. You see evidence of these when you drive around and see lots of roof cement and blue tarps adorning the roofs.

        Contractors that think long term. At WeatherPRO Roofing, we don't cut corners or install cheaper inferior products. Common ways to "shave costs" or "cut corners" are to reuse the old, rusting, dented metal on the homeowner's roof; not flash the roof properly, hire inexperienced labor, improperly nail a roof, flip shingles over for starter instead of using real starter strip, improperly handle valleys, and much more. For the amount of time they often spend trying to find ways to save an extra dollar, they probably would have been ahead of the game by just doing it right. I've met a few of these "great minds" and I think it just becomes a big game for them. They often end up with roof crews of the unskilled leading the unskilled. After all, what do you need to know to swing a hammer? Everyone looks at the project as a one way street. They go down that one way street and, when done, there is no turning back. A bad roof installed this way is unsalvagable, and when disaster strikes, there is no one to turn to. Additionally, the material warranty from the manufacturer was quite probably voided along the way.

        Then there are those contractors and home owners that think long term. There are many bad ways to do a job and few proper ways. If you'd like a contractor that takes pride in his work choose WeatherPRO roofing for your next roof.

        A good quality contractor knows that a smaller profit per job pays off in the long run with fewer roof problems and more happy referrals from satisfied customers. You can go into your office on a Monday morning after a major storm and not have your phone ringing off the hook with problems. That is peace of mind for the homeowner as well as the roofing contractor and his office manager.


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