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    Contact us at: 3401 Custer Road Suite 120 Plano, Texas, 75023

    • WeatherPRO Roofing is the perfect company to choose for your quality roofing needs
      EATHERPRO ROOFING - professionals with over 25 years experience. We are hail and storm damage specialists, as most roofs are repaired and replaced after storms. Our on-the-job expertise means your roof gets the personal attention to detail it deserves. We are fully licensed and insured with over $1,000,000 in coverage. Because customer satisfaction is important to all of us, we have an A+ Rating and are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.
      Mark Twain once said, "No combination of rotten eggs ever produced a good omelet." What he was saying way back then is there is no way to get a good result if you do not do things right to begin with. We do residential asphalt shingle roofs very well, using the highest quality labor and materials and we stand behind our work. That makes a lot of people smile. We deal with water, storm, and hail damage to roofs and work directly with  insurance companies to resolve your problems. Thank you for visiting; stick around and read awhile.

      • Licensed and insured for your peace of mind in case something were to ever go wrong.

        WeatherPRO Roofing - Fully Licensed and insured

        WeatherPRO Roofing is fully licensed and insured in the great state of Texas. We are fully licensed and insured with: $2,000,000 Aggregate, $1,000,000 General Liability Policy and subcontractor coverage. Recently, after a storm, my boy and I checked the local roofers that had put signs up and nearly half were not licensed. I'd say it is safe to say that even fewer were insured. Licensing is the easy and inexpensive part of setting up a business. Ask to see proof of insurance and a license number when considering a contractor!.

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      • If hail has damaged your roof, we at WeatherPRO will work with your insurance company to get things fixed fast.
        We, at WeatherPRO, will work to make the reroof-repair process as pleasant an experience as possible.

        WeatherPRO Roofing insurance claims roofer

        Nobody asks to be hit by hail or high winds. When a damaging storm strikes, we at WeatherPRO Roofing are experts at getting your home back to new or better than new condition fast. In most cases, your homeowners insurance policy is going to pay for the vast majority of the expense, and we handle the hassles, the claim, invoicing, follow up, roof installation, warranty, and much more. We will make your home beautiful and you happy as quickly as possible. Hail damage is hard to see from the ground. There are some telltale signs that you probably have damage.

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      • FREE Hail and Wind Damage Inspections are Offered by WeatherPRO Roofing
        After a big hail or wind storm contact WeatherPRO Roofing for a FREE roof inspection

        WeatherPRO Roofing -FREE Roof Inspections

        Don't wait until disaster strikes to have your roof inspected and/or repaired. If you live in Dallas, Garland, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, Coppell, Irving, Fort Worth, or other high-risk cities, you know hail damage well and know that roof repairs are often needed.
        Storm damage to your roof can result in structural damage to your home. Seasonal storms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area do damage every year to thousands of roofs due to high winds and hail, especially in Dallas, Garland, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, Coppell, Irving, Arlington and Fort Worth. Make sure your roof is in good condition before the nasty hail and wind storms arrive and cause damage. Better to be safe than to be sorry. If your roof has been in a recent storm, contact the pros at WeatherPRO Roofing to inspect your roof.

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      • WeatherPRO Roofing is a BBB accredited company with an A+ Rating
        At WeatherPRO Roofing, we believe in customer satisfaction.

        WeatherPRO Roofing is a BBB accredited company with an A+ Rating

        The BBB believes in the same things that we at WeatherPRO Roofing do. Build relationships on trust. Tell the truth. Be honest. Honor all promises. Fulfill all contracts and agreements made. Promptly respond to all complaints. Embody integrity. Approach all business dealings and commitments with integrity. Basically, just do the right thing and treat everyone as you would want to be treated. WeatherPRO Roofing has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. You know how proud you were of getting good grades in school; this is a good grade in business.

      • Identifying and Repairing Hail Roof Damage
        Hail Roof Damage Repair Insurance Claims: What Hail Hits Look Like and What Damage Hail Does

        WeatherPRO Roofing fixes Hail Roof Damage, Water Damage,and does Hail Repairs

        Just as the old saying, "A stitch in time saves nine" applies to sewing, a roof patch in time saves aggravation and leaks. Not as good as Ben Franklin's quote, but the reality is that preventative measures are cheaper than waiting until disasters occur. Some hail damage is mainly cosmetic, some is very destructive. Even small hail can destroy a three tab roof. You'll hear plenty of people say that isn't so, but I've seen it. If the hail is cold enough and the wind strong enough, it can look like a shotgun hit the roof. Early repairs are easy repairs! WeatherPRO Roofing fixes Hail Roof Damage, Water Damage, and performs Hail Repairs

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      • You've heard the saying, "The devil is in the details." You can also say, "Quality resides in the details."
        At WeatherPRO Roofing, we are always looking for things that affect the longevity of the roof system

        WeatherPRO Roofing installs quality roofs

        There are always people out there who are trying to save every penny possible. They can remove so many pennies that the thing they are building is now incapable of doing the job it was intended to do. You see it with cheap toys that break easily or products that don't perform, though their name sounds similar to a good product. It is easy to remove too many pennies from a roof and end up with a roof that can no longer do the job it was intended to do.
        At WeatherPRO our slogan, "Above All...Quality" is more than a slogan, it is the reason our roof systems perform well in adverse weather conditions, because every day is not a sunny day.
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      • Roof Repairs: ."Have Hammer, Will Travel"
        At WeatherPRO Roofing, we will repair your hail or wind damaged roof properly

        WeatherPRO Roofing repairs hail damaged roofs

        Every once in a while, most everything needs repairs or maintenance, whether it be your automobile, electronics, or your home. Roofs take more abuse than most other areas because of their exposure to the elements and the materials used in the roofing process. Three tab roofs will wear out much more quickly than their heavier laminate counter parts. That is because three tab roofs are generally rated for 60 mph winds, while the laminates are rated for 110 mph. In any case, if your roof is leaking or shingles are bent back or missing, it is time for repairs. WeatherPRO Roofing will get your roof repaired and give recommendations to you if needed.
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      • Three Tab Roof Systems are Generally the Least Expensive shingles that WeatherPRO Roofing Installs
        At WeatherPRO Roofing, we install 3 tab roofs with details generally associated with higher priced roofs

        WeatherPRO Roofing installs inexpensive shingles

        Three tab roof systems are the least expensive shingles used for roofing. Not many years ago, they were commonly referred to as 20 year roofs with a true life of around 10 years before many had issues. Today, three tab roofs such as the Atlas Glassmaster shingles we commonly use have a much longer 30 year warranty. The good news is that if insurance is paying for a 20 year shingle only, we can upgrade you to a 30 year at no extra cost. With proper underlayment and through roof flashing, you can end up with a much more durable roof than you had before.
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      • Laminated Shingles are the Most Popular Shingles Installed by WeatherPRO Roofing
        At WeatherPRO Roofing, we install all major brands of laminate shingle

        WeatherPRO Roofing installs GAF shingles

        The main advantages to laminated shingles are great looks, durability, and wind rating. The thickness of the shingle gives it distinct shadow lines that accent the depth of reveal. A wind rating of 110 mph or greater gives you peace of mind when heavy winds blow through the area. The added thickness of the shingle allows it to withstand damaging hail storms much better than lighter weight shingles. A very nice range of color options enable homeowners to get the exact look they desire for their homes.

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      • WeatherPRO Roofing Installs Designer Shingles for those of Discriminating Taste
        At WeatherPRO Roofing, we install a wide range of distinctive designer shingles

        WeatherPRO Roofing installs Luxury designer  shingles

        Beyond performance, today's designer shingles represent the apex of what can be done with asphalt and fiberglass. Some designer shingles incorporate real slate, others rely upon layering to achieve their beautiful designs. High end roof products have the ability to take a home into an entirely different class than other homes. There are shingles that resemble slate or wood shakes, suitable for manors or mansions. These shingles are often chosen and specified by architects to create a certain "feel" or look for a custom home.
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      • Roof Ventilation Systems Installed by WeatherPRO Roofing
        At WeatherPRO Roofing, we install: turbines, ridge vents, " turtle" vents, solar, and AC power vents

        WeatherPRO Roofing installs roof ventilation

        When you are replacing a roof, it is a great time to upgrade your roof ventilation. In many older homes, ventilation was an afterthought and the roof designs lacked the ventilation that modern roof designs have. Codes have changed and so have the thoughts on what adequate roof ventilation really is. Greater roof ventilation means your home is cooler and less expensive to maintain comfort in the summer and prolongs the life of your roof shingles. WeatherPRO roofing installs a variety of roof ventilation systems including ridge and eave vents, turbines, power vents and more.

    • Please feel free to call us if you have questions and we will try to assist you or point you in the right direction. We work with insurance companies on your behalf to maximize your chances at a good settlement. We then work with the highest quality products and installation to see that your new roof is at least as good as what went before. We want you to have a trouble-free quality experience that makes you happy.       Above All...Quality!

      Atlas Shingles     GAF Shingles      Certainteed   Owens Corning   Tamko Shingles   Filing Your Claim       Identify Hail   Beware Uninsured
    WeatherPRO Roofing installs Atlas Shingles   WeatherPRO Roofing installs GAF Shingles   WeatherPRO Roofing installs Certainteed   WeatherPRO Roofing installs Owens Corning   WeatherPRO Roofing installs Tamko Shingles   WeatherPRO Roofing helps with insurance claims   WeatherPRO Roofing identifies hail damage   WeatherPRO Roofing is fully insured
    WeatherPRO Roofing installs Atlas Shingles   WeatherPRO Roofing installs GAF Shingles   WeatherPRO Roofing installs Certainteed   WeatherPRO Roofing installs Owens Corning   WeatherPRO Roofing installs Tamko Shingles   WeatherPRO Roofing helps with insurance claims   WeatherPRO Roofing identifies hail damage   WeatherPRO Roofing is fully licensed and Insured

    Shingle Roofs

    WeatherPRO Roofing installs shingle roofs in Dallas, Garland, Plano, Richardson, Mesquite, Allen, Rowlett, Coppell, Irving, Lewisville, McKinney, Trophy Club, Highland Village, North Richland Hills, University Park, Frisco, Arlington, Murphy, Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Grapevine, Prosper, Rockwall, Colleyville, Keller, Carrollton, The Colony, Sasche, Euless, Wylie..the cost varies by what roof is being installed, the steepness of the roof, the height