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    Roofing Hail Damage in Plano, Richardson, Coppell, Dallas, Richardson, Garland, Texas

    Typical Hail Damage by Size and Angle of the Hail Storm:
    The angle at which hail strikes will affect the damage done to the roof.

    For instance hail striking at an angle will do less damage than a hit straight on. That is why you often find the side of the roof facing the direction of the wind has the most damage. Once hail gets large, the angle of attack seems much less important as the heavy hail tends to fall from the sky, often in a nearly vertical drop.

    1/2" Hail:
    Few roofs are damaged in small hail storms. Your plantings may suffer some losses. You may see the splatter pattern on the furnace vents, turtle vents and see small dents in soft metals. Small dents appear in aluminum vents, air conditioning units, lead pipe jack sleeves (on soil stacks), window screens and aluminum awnings may be dented.

    3/4" Hail: This size hail can do some damage. You often hear otherwise, but it has a lot to do with the age of the roof and of the weight of it. Older compositon three tab roofs can take a beating. Aluminum fascia, window wraps, screen frames, flashing and some valleys can be dented. If you have an older roof, you should check it.

    1"Hail: One inch (quarter sized) hail is the threshold size at which lightweight asphalt composition shingles may sustain damage.. It may be prudent to check the roof even if the roof is newer if it is a three tab.
    Wood shake roofs may be damaged and the thinner wood shingle roofs are especially prone to damage through splitting and cracking. Single-pane windows and light duty skylights may become cracked and/or broken.

    1 - 1/4" - 1 1/2" Hail: (Golf ball sized hail) Hail this size is big enough to damage newer laminate roofs and heavy shake roofs. This is big hail that can do a lot of damage in an area. You will see automobiles with body metal seriously dented, galvanized metal vents dented and many plastic skylights cracked or broken. Denting of aircraft at DFW airport often occurs with this size hail. In fact, the storm in the picture (Fox News) damaged about 60 planes and this screen shot took place just after the storm passed over the airport and headed through Irving and Coppell. The April hail storm did tremendous damage to many homes and cars.

    Over 1 1/2 inch hail-If you are in hail of this size range you know you have problems. Class IV hail rated asphalt shingle roofs are rated by dropping a 2 inch steel ball on them from 20 feet. If a large wind driven hail ball of ice hits your roof from thousands of feet, accelerating at 32 feet per second per second, it can pack a tremendous force and destroy a Class IV (four) hail rated roof in minutes. Hail this size causes tremendous damage to tile roofs. Even concrete tile roofs like Monier tile will have many cracked and broken tiles.

    How do I decide what shingle to choose?

    The choice of shingle is a personal one unless there are restrictive covenants in your area that make the choice for you. Often, storm damage leads to the homeowner asking this question. They don't just wake up and decide to change their roof. Usually, a big hail storm will have struck the Dallas Fort Worth area and now they are deciding what to choose, or perhaps a big storm has revealed leakage. The main concerns I see are:

    • Cost: for many people, this is of overriding importance to them. A three tab shingle will of course be the least expensive way to go, but will not have the curb appeal of a higher grade product.
    • Value: this is where other factors enter the equation. For most people, a shingle like the GAF Timberline will represent the best value with excellent long term wearability and good looks.
    • Color: "I saw a house that really had a great looking color on the roof; can you match it?" When I hear this, it usually means a homeowner saw a designer color roof that caught their eye.
    • Resale value: "I really do not want to spend much as I'm planning to sell soon." Look around at your neighbors' homes. If they have three tab roofs, it certainly will not make sense to put up a designer shingle in the neighborhood, and vice versa.
    • Insurance settlement: The insurance company will pay to restore your home to what it was. They will not pay for shingle upgrades.

    If you have questions, and you probably do, please feel free to call us or click on the contact form. We will be happy to help in any way we can.

    Hail Roof Damage Repair Insurance Claims

    • WeatherPRO Roofing Examines Roofing Hail Damage on Roofs in Mesquite, Coppell, Garland, Plano, Richardson, Dallas, Texas
      Hail Roof Damage Repair Insurance Claims: What Hail Hits Look Like
      and What Damage Hail Does to Your Roof

      Hail hits on a roof range from the obvious to ones that require careful scrutiny. After a major hail event with golf ball or larger hail the hits may be visible from the ground level on lower sections of roof. But that is not the norm, In the vast majority of cases, you must get up on the roof and do a careful analysis. Often the hail hit areas will appear darker because the granules are nissing and the dark black tar of the shingle is sh owing through. Sometimes you will see the fiberglass matting and the color will resemble a whitish gray with a bit of a filament look. The size of the hit can vary from a half an inch to several inches.
      One of the challenges is determining hail damage from other types of damage such as heat blistering and just plain wear and tear.
      This is where a trained roofer can help.

      WeatherPRO Roofing Examines Hail Fractured Roof Shingles in Mesquite, Coppell, Garland, Plano, Richardson, Dallas, Texas

      Here is a piece of a hail damaged asphalt shingle with a light placed behind it to better show the holes in the shingle that are not apparent when just looking down on it.

      Hail hits on a roof shorten the life of it dramatically. That is why insurance companies pay to replace hail damaged roofs. When hail "bruises" expose the asphalt layer to the sun, it ages rapidly. We have seen homes hit by smaller hail that cause small punctures that in turn caused leaks into the attic. Surprisingly small hail can damage a roof. I surmise it must have to do with the compactness of the ice and the speed of the wind driving it, There are people that say only large hail causes roof damage and I can assure you that is not the case.

      There is a time frame in which claims can be filed with your insurance company and that time frame is genrally six months to one year from the hail event.

      • How to Identify Roof Hail Damage

        In the Dallas Metroplex area, asphalt shingles are the primary roofing material used on roofs and are the vast majority of our hail damage repairs and replacement roofs. Below are some common signs your roof has been damaged by a hail storm. We have pages on this web site that go into hail damage greater detail with photos, but this is the quick over view:

        Bruising on the roof's asphalt shingle (dark spots often 1/2 to 1 1/2" or greater in size)

        Granules are missing from the shingle (roofing shingle has ‘bald spots') Granule loss may just be the result of old age...like the bald spots I have. You will often see signs of granule loss spilling from the downspouts. This may well signify the need for a new roof.

        Hail bruised shingles shingles feel softer to the touch than the surrounding ones. This is one of the key things insurance adjusters are checking to determine hail damage.

        Metal air vents (turtle cans, turbines, power vent covers, skylights, are dented, damaged or broken.
        Hail damage to cars is a quick indicator of hail damage. It usually takes hail over 1 1/4 inch to damage a car. If if it damaged your car, then there is a good probability the hail damaged your roof as well.

      • FAQ's: Homeowner's Insurance Policies and Roof Hail Damage

        Question: Should I file an insurance claim for hail damage?
        If you have hail damage then the short answer is yes. What we recommend is that you have us give you a free inspection first. There are many advantages to you and your claim if we are present at the adjustment in most cases.
        Question: Will my homeowner's insurance policy cover roof repairs or replacement if my roof sustains roof hail damage?

        Answer: Most insurance policies, we have seen, cover hail damage. The tricky part is finding enough "hits" that the adjuster will count toward the minimum amount per 100 square feet, they need to approve the claim. If the threshold is met, the roof is fully replaced. This is done because the insurance company recognizes that hail damaged your roof and shortened its life expectancy. Plus there is no guarantee that a number of the hits may be allowing water through the roof. We see it all the time. If your homeowner's policy covers hail damage and the insurance company accepts the claim, you are typically responsible only for paying a deductible.
        Question: How do I know what a hail "hit" or bruise looks like?
        Answer: We have a web page devoted to hail hits here. But, basically you are looking for a "bruised" soft spot with missing or impacted granules. It can get tricky because adjusters like to disallow claims because of heat blistering and if you have a roof with a combination of heat blisters and hail damage, the two can be grouped together. It is very helpful to have us there in a common situation like that.

        Hail Damage Roof Repair Insurance Claims Help and Assistance

        Do you suspect that your home's roof may have sustained hail damage and would you like help filing an insurance claim?
        We understand the claims process very well. We use the same Xactimate software the adjusters and insurance companies use. Our trained roofers and of course Tom and I, my boy and I, have been through hundreds of claims and know the pitfalls to avoid. We can help you get your home restored to "better than new" condition and give you peace of mind comes from knowing that your home is well cared for, in good repair, and ready to face the stormy weather. Professional roof installation and service so your roof can stand up to severe weather. If every day was a sunny day, you would not need WeatherPRO Roofing.

        If you have experienced hail damage and need roof repairs, your first call should be to WeatherPRO Roofing, your professional roofer and insurance claim specialists.

        A new roof isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity when there is hail and wind damage. Insurance companies understand this, and they also know, that a new roof protects a home from many other hidden issues which could cost the insurance company more money in the future.
        Do not delay and put off a roof inspection - there is a limited time period to file a claim! There is a time period in which to file a claim, so do not delay and have to pay for the entirety of a roof replacement out of your own pocket.

        How Does a Hail Damage Inspection for Roof Repair Work?

        After a hail storm, it is wise to call the professionals at WeatherPRO Roofing and have our roofing experts inspect your roof for hail damage. Often, the damage may be too minimal to file a claim, but other small issues are found such as leaky pipe jacks, missing shingles, lack of caulk on counter flashing's, etc.
        Often, simple repairs can often be made on the spot.
        Other times, the hail damage is significant and requires a much different strategy. A tricky situation that quite often occurs, is when a roof is borderline. Meaning it has the necessary number of hits per square for an "easy" insurance adjuster, but will have a tough time with a hard core adjuster. We have a lot of ways of handling these tricky situations, and will do our best to represent your interests and get your claim approved. There are no guarantees in life except death and taxes and that we will work hard on your behalf. We will never encourage you to file a frivolous claim that will not get approved. We will discuss with you, your options on how to proceed fully. We know you do not want your valuable time wasted, nor do insurance adjusters want to waste time with a roofer that does not know what a hail hit really looks like. I would rate the odds of approvals like this. The homeowner has the least chance of approval because they don't do it for a living and the claim is easiest to deny. The inexperienced roofer has the next worst odds, because adjusters know in minutes whether you really know your business. The professional roofer specializing in hail damage roof claims has the best odds because both the adjuster and the roofer know the reality of what they are dealing with and the truth usually wins out.


        Do Not Delay Too Long!   Hail Damage Roof Repair Delays Can Lead to Long Term Problems

        • Because your time period to file an insurance claim is limited, to long a delay means you will have to pay for repairs or replacement out of your own pocket. You typically have 6 months to one year depending upon your insurance provide to file your claim. But time can go by quickly, other things come up and every year seems to get a bit shorter.

          Lead to roof leaks. What a hail hit often is, is an impact that causes granule loss and loss of asphalt substrate, exposing the fiberglass webbing to the sun. Without granules to protect the delicate core from the sun cracks and leaky areas rapidly appear. That is why insurance companies pay for roof replacements.

        • Once leakage occurs, more serious damage occurs including rot to the sheathing and may result in unsightly and dangerous mold growth.

        • Void your roofing and siding warranties. You are expected to be a responsible homeowner and many warranties and insurance policies have "neglect" clauses.

        • Leave you with costly repairs and cost you time and money. Plus, if you ever intend to sell your home, your roof will need to pass an inspection or you will have to sell your home for a lesser value.

        On the one hand we tell you not to delay...but on the other hand...do not rush into something you may regret. Every big storm, roof companies spring up like weeds after the first rain. They often do not even work during the winter and hope to make a quick killing during the storms and disappear til next year. Your roof can probably wait a few days, while you contact a reputable company. Your roof will be happy you did the right thing.

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