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  • How do I decide what shingle to choose?

    The choice of shingle is a personal one unless there are restrictive covenants in your area that make the choice for you. Often, storm damage leads to the homeowner asking this question. They don't just wake up and decide to change their roof. Usually, a big hail storm will have struck the Dallas Fort Worth area and now they are deciding what to choose, or perhaps a big storm has revealed leakage. The main concerns I see are:

    • Cost: for many people, this is of overriding importance to them. A three tab shingle will of course be the least expensive way to go, but will not have the curb appeal of a higher grade product.
    • Value: this is where other factors enter the equation. For most people, a shingle like the GAF Timberline will represent the best value with excellent long term wearability and good looks.
    • Color: "I saw a house that really had a great looking color on the roof; can you match it?" When I hear this, it usually means a homeowner saw a designer color roof that caught their eye.
    • Resale value: "I really do not want to spend much as I'm planning to sell soon." Look around at your neighbors' homes. If they have three tab roofs, it certainly will not make sense to put up a designer shingle in the neighborhood, and vice versa.
    • Insurance settlement: The insurance company will pay to restore your home to what it was. They will not pay for shingle upgrades.

    If you have questions, and you probably do, please feel free to call us or click on the contact form. We will be happy to help in any way we can.

    At the roof adjustment:
    We all try to recreate the past and discover what caused what damage.

    • WeatherPRO Roofing Can Help With Filing Your Hail Roofing Insurance Claim in Plano, Coppell, Garland, Dallas, Mesquite, Richardson, TexasWe can help you with your hail claim - everyone has an opinion.

        A roofer will have opinions as to what is hail roof damage much as an adjuster does.

      Here we enter the realm of opinions. Since I cannot see into the past any better than the adjuster can, we will both be reliant upon experience and hopefully good common sense.

      There are insurance adjusters with advanced training called HAAG certification. If they are certified as such, I will readily accept their findings.

      The roofer is present to assist the homeowner in getting their roof "bought" or in other terms to try and get the claim approved. The roofer and homeowner both wans the work done so both the homeowner and the roofer have a shared interest in that goal. While it is considered bad form and generally unproductive for a roofer to argue with an insurance adjuster on what is or is not a "hit", we can certainly voice our educated opinion and explain why we believe what we believe and point out hits that may go everlooked and unseen. This extra set of eyes being brought to investigate the roof for hail damages quite often makes the difference in the approval process in my opinion. While no adjuster will ever say they have a quota of roofs to reject, circumstantial evidence leads me to the conclusion that homeowners who file on their own behalf without a competent hail trained roofer present have a disporportionally large percentage of turned down claims. If you doubt this, just knock the doors of the remaining unroofed homes in a heavy hit hail zone and talk with the remaining homeowners. Let them tell you their tales.

      I have seen many a battered roof turned down because of heat blistering, thermal cracking, and general wear and tear. Now I believe much as the insurance companies do that they are not responsible for these things and of course it is so written in the policies.

      But if a massive hail storm comes along and destroys the homeowners roof that has some heat blisters, the insurance company is still responsible to repair the shingles that were damaged by hail. Now, if they can figure out a way to individually sort the shingles out and replace only the hail struck ones that would be fine, but since that isn't possible we should proceed with a reroof in my opinion. What I see quite often is the heat blister theory being abused by the insurance companies, whereby they include hail hits as heat blisters. When this occurs, you have the right to bring out another adjuster for a second look and by all means you should. I recently ran into this on a Garland area roof where the adjuster made a point of putting a "B" by every hit and then marking the roof with a big zero on all sides. This was in an area hard hit by two recent storms where over 80% of the roofs have been "bought", on a home with a hail pocked fence and damage AC unit. The roof was over 10 years old and he said it has never been hit by damaging hail and the roof doesn't have one hit although both neighbors roofs were totalled and the owner can tell plenty of hail storm stories. This roof was hard hit on two sides and fairly hit on the others. I could easily have understood the adjuster declining it for lack of hits on two sides(I gave the homeowner a 50/50 chance), but no hits period, none at all. That is certainly not at all realistic. We will call for a reinspect and I'm fairly certain the results will be different. Will it get bought, not necessarily...but hopefully we get an honest read of the situation. If the roof was hard hit on all sides we would certainly press harder, but these are the gray areas of the business. Half of the adjusters out there would have bought the roof based on the hits shown and if they are on the fence about it, sometimes (quite often) we can find the hits to get it done.

      I never make guarantees except death and taxes. But we can improve the odds in most cases, especially with the tough in house adjusters.

      If a roof truly has little or no damage, I will be the first to tell a homeowner that. There is no use wasting everyones time and effort on something that will not get approved. We have been called out to adjustments by homeowners where we told them not to file a claim and so far not one of them has been approved. If there is not real damage the roof will not get bought. That isn't true...just as there are asjusters that deny real damage, there are those that approve hits that are dubious at best. So you never know for sure. One of these days I will get an overly generous adjuster at a claim I don't think will pass and I will be pleasantly surprised. I remember being at a lake where everyone was casting and fishing normally and a guy sat down with a terrible reel and line so old it fell in wire like spirals. It was so stiff he couldn't cast it so he just pulled line off and dropped straight down. I said, "There is the guy least prepared and least likely to succeed." He made me eat my words by catching the largest fish of the day and literally hand lining it in...so you just never know what will happen in life.

      The choice is always up to the individual homeowner as to whether to go it alone or not. Many believe the insurance company has their best interests at heart and some people believe they (the insurance companies) like to make more profit through denying more claims. I believe the odds are better for homeowners when I am present and that is my opinion...for what it is worth.



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