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  • How do I decide what shingle to choose?

    The choice of shingle is a personal one unless there are restrictive covenants in your area that make the choice for you. Often, storm damage leads to the homeowner asking this question. They don't just wake up and decide to change their roof. Usually, a big hail storm will have struck the Dallas Fort Worth area and now they are deciding what to choose, or perhaps a big storm has revealed leakage. The main concerns I see are:

    • Cost: for many people, this is of overriding importance to them. A three tab shingle will of course be the least expensive way to go, but will not have the curb appeal of a higher grade product.
    • Value: this is where other factors enter the equation. For most people, a shingle like the GAF Timberline will represent the best value with excellent long term wearability and good looks.
    • Color: "I saw a house that really had a great looking color on the roof; can you match it?" When I hear this, it usually means a homeowner saw a designer color roof that caught their eye.
    • Resale value: "I really do not want to spend much as I'm planning to sell soon." Look around at your neighbors' homes. If they have three tab roofs, it certainly will not make sense to put up a designer shingle in the neighborhood, and vice versa.
    • Insurance settlement: The insurance company will pay to restore your home to what it was. They will not pay for shingle upgrades.

    If you have questions, and you probably do, please feel free to call us or click on the contact form. We will be happy to help in any way we can.

    WeatherPRO Can Assist You Throughout the Hail Claim Process

    • WeatherPRO Roofing Can Assist With Your Hail Roofing Claim In Coppell, Garland, Plano, Mesquite, Dallas, Richardson, Texas
      WeatherPRO Roofing can help you with your hail claim

      A hail-trained roofer has seen lots of damaged roofs and has been through the claims process many times. This experience can be invaluable to homeowners.

      When your insurance provider is contacted, they will send out an adjuster to determine if there is sufficient damage to warrant a valid claim. Most of the time, these adjusters are on the payroll of your insurance company and may well have an economic interest in keeping claim payouts low. There are two major hurdles the roofer works through. The first is to get the hail damage roof claim approved, and the second is to get the insurance company to pay the full replacement value of the roof project to ensure that there are no corners cut.

      Because of this, many claims that are marginal will be declined and payouts will be kept low. Not only can a trained roofer help with the claim approval process by providing a second set of eyes to find actual hail damage, the roofer also handles much of the insurance claims process, from the time the claim is approved to the completion of the roof.

      Often, the claim paperwork from the insurance company is incomplete or not entirely correct. These errors rarely go in the homeowner's favor. A claim I am working on now initially had no allowance for roofing material waste. A typical gable roof has 9-12% waste and a typical hip roof averages 12-15% waste. Without this waste allowance, the roof cannot be completed with the materials available. After some wrangling, this error has been corrected and a supplement was approved for the roof project.

      This particular roof is a nice one from a roofer's point of view because it is a redeck (a shake roof on skip sheathing that was roofed over with shingles). It is a lot more work, but the payout at the end is well worth it. The problem with the claim as it came back from the insurance company is that they didn't allow money to to actually perform the necessary redeck (installation of new plywood) or the tearoff of the wood shakes. If a homeowner had accepted this check from their insurance company, they would not have been able to hire a roofer to complete the reroof process for the money allotted. I take a lot of photos, a lot of high resolution Nikon photos, to prove my case. Documentation, documentation, documentation!

      After these glaring errors, I went through the paperwork and, lo and behold, found another huge glaring omission. The roof had high definition ridge shingles, and the cost of replacing these was not approved in the paperwork. Each of the other issues took time and documentation to get approval, and the ridge shingles were no exception. The conversation went like this: "You also failed to cover the high definition ridge cap shingles." "We do not cover high definition ridge." "Really? Then perhaps you will be the one willing to explain to Mr. ---- why his roof is not being replaced to match what he has now." "Oh, all right. Send me photos of the ridge and I'll make a decision." Many high resolution photos later, including one with the homeowner's mailbox in front for proof of location, the high def ridge was approved.

      A great camera and high speed internet service are a roofer's best friend. Don't be shy, you will never get anything accomplished by crossing your fingers and hoping. Life and insurance companies just do not work that way. Also, keep in mind that insurance companies want happy customers. If, in the end, the customers come away loving you and their new roof, they love their insurance company as well for making it all possible.

      If I've made it sound like the insurance companies are not always on the up and up, well, here is a surprise, neither are many roof companies. What a shock! I see many reroofs where the insurance company originally paid for new drip edge, new furnace collars, new step flashing and much more that was never installed by the roofer. The insurance adjusters note this and deduct it on the new claim, and many ask the homeowner who did their roof project. Perhaps thay are creating a database of shoddy roofers... which would be nice. I guess all I am saying is that shortcuts are often taken by insurance adjusters as well as by roofers. People are people. If a customer seeks the cheapest roofer, he or she will soon enough learn of shortcuts because the cheapest roofer still intends to turn a profit through either cheap labor, cheap materials, short materials, or all of the above. Many of the roof salespeople are young, greedy, and haven't learned to think long term yet. Their brains just are not wired that way. I am a big believer in gut feel. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you feel there is something wrong, there is a good chance there is. Roofing is a business. You work at it, and it is hard work.

      If, at the end of a reroof project, your roof qualifies for an extended warranty by a major roof manufacturer like GAF, then you certainly haven't been short changed.

      Not all claims go like this, but most involve paperwork, photos and making sure we are all on the same page, doing what is right for the customer. Most homeowners never have any idea what is involved behind the scenes, they just get a great looking new roof with very little effort, the way it should be.

      And when all is said and done, referrals from satisfied customers are gratefully accepted and appreciated. I find that most customers work hard to spread the word and I thank each and every one of them. It is a win-win situation when everything is done properly and common sense prevails. The insurance adjusters, the customer, and we at WeatherPRO Roofing all go home happy and luckily that is the norm.



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