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      • Plano Roofing, Plano Roofer, Plano Hail, WeatherPRO RoofingQuality does not happen by accident, but many accidents are caused by a lack of quality
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        Your Plano Roofing Company: WeatherPRO Roofing is your quality choice for those seeking a professional installation of your new or replacement roof.  We want to be your Plano roofing company.

      • We believe that a quality roof installation begins with the small, often overlooked details. We build a roof upon a solid foundation. If decking is weak and springy, we fix it; if we find damaged wood,Plano Roofing, Plano Roofer, Plano Hail, WeatherPRO Roofing we replace it. We don't like to ever reuse vents, old pipe jacks, or metal edging. We want to be known as the premier roofers in Plano.

      •   We utilize the best materials from leading manufacturers and their accessories to build you the best roof system and enhance your warranty.

        We work with all the insurance companies to handle and maximize your insurance claim for roof storm damage when the storms hit, and we work to get your home restored as quickly as possible.

      • WeatherPRO Roofing, your Plano roofing company, is a family owned and operated business. Tom, Sharon, Tom Jr. and our staff will do everything possible to make your roofing process a joy and deliver a final roof to you that will put a smile on your face every time you look at it. Just as important as good looks is functionality.

      • Plano Roofing, Plano Roofer, Plano Hail, WeatherPRO Roofing By taking care of all the little details that build a better roof, you will have a roof that can stand up to damaging hail and wind storms in Plano, because they DO occur.

      • As your Plano Roofing Company, we know firsthand how important communication is to deliver a roof that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our trained professionals will meet with you with open ears to find exactly what you want.

      • We carry a wide range of roof materials and will do everything possible to find what you want and desire. We take your needs very seriously. When replacing a roof, it is a great time to correct the mistakes made by roofers in the past.

        If you are buying or selling a home in Plano, have us take a look at the roof and provide you an inspection report. Find out what you are really buying, or if repairs need to be made before resale.

        "Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest." - Mark Twain. We believe happy customers are our most valuable asset. Satisfied customers bring their friends and family to do business with us, and we love that. It is fun, satisfying, and proof of jobs well done. As your premier Plano Roofing Company, we recognize that integrity, honesty, and professionalism along with attention to detail and communication are the keystones to business success.


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      I've often said, "Quality does not happen by accident, but many accidents are caused by a lack of quality."