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  • How do I decide what shingle to choose?

    The choice of shingle is a personal one unless there are restrictive covenants in your area that make the choice for you. Often, storm damage leads to the homeowner asking this question. They don't just wake up and decide to change their roof. Usually, a big hail storm will have struck the Dallas Fort Worth area and now they are deciding what to choose, or perhaps a big storm has revealed leakage. The main concerns I see are:

    • Cost: for many people, this is of overriding importance to them. A three tab shingle will of course be the least expensive way to go, but will not have the curb appeal of a higher grade product.
    • Value: this is where other factors enter the equation. For most people, a shingle like the GAF Timberline will represent the best value with excellent long term wearability and good looks.
    • Color: "I saw a house that really had a great looking color on the roof; can you match it?" When I hear this, it usually means a homeowner saw a designer color roof that caught their eye.
    • Resale value: "I really do not want to spend much as I'm planning to sell soon." Look around at your neighbors' homes. If they have three tab roofs, it certainly will not make sense to put up a designer shingle in the neighborhood, and vice versa.
    • Insurance settlement: The insurance company will pay to restore your home to what it was. They will not pay for shingle upgrades.

    If you have questions, and you probably do, please feel free to call us or click on the contact form. We will be happy to help in any way we can.

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