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  • FREE Roof Scam: Buyer Beware.
    If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

      • Free Roof Scam BewareQuality does not happen by accident, but many accidents are caused by a lack of quality

        When a roofer arrives at your door promising that he or she can get you a FREE roof from the insurance company - Beware!

        If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Most of the times a roof will not be truly free. It will certainly be much cheaper than if you had to pay for the entirety of it of your own pocket. After a big storm you will certainly be happy you have insurance.

      • The insurance industry is working hard to eliminate the paying of deductibles by roofers.
        The recently enacted law does not allow such sales tactics and you may find yourself committing a crime for a few theoretically "saved" dollars. There are web resources that can explain the illegality of these acts in great detail, and we recommend you research them.

      • I use the term "theoretically 'saved' dollars" because many of the people that would use these sales tactics to prey upon the greedy or the uninformed would not hesitate to put up poor grade materials and skimp or leave off items so the money does not come out of their pockets.
        We see it every day, as do insurance adjusters. New roofs installed, reusing all the old damaged vents, turbines, metal work paid for by the insurance company, and just pocketing the money. Collecting and billing for work and materials that were not installed.

      • When you signed the contract with your insurance company, you agreed to pay the deductible amount and the insurance company computed their rates based upon your choice of deductibles. Getting a new roof replaced for the cost of your deductible with quality components and labor is a bargain. You know it is legal and above board and that you have a quality product with a quality company.

      • Often, during storm season, roofing companies hire lots of eager young men, many of whom may not have the highest integrity and teach them a very simple sales pitch promising the homeowner a free roof. In many cases, this is all they are taught and told to knock doors. That is the extent of their roof knowledge. When someone promises to cover a deductible, they may be committing a crime as well as causing a homeowner to commit a crime.

      Here is what I believe. It is expensive to reroof a house. You don't want to do it often. The major costs are labor and materials. The other equally important item is quality installation. I should not have to add, "Do things legally." But as the "fly by night" companies do not have a reputation (at least a good one), skilled labor, or the wherewith all to do a job right, they are left with one selling point to the homeowner. Appeal to their greed! Greed is an evil thing and many people have been drawn down the wrong path following it. When you do everything right, you can sleep soundly and wake up proud.

      I've often said, "Quality does not happen by accident, but many accidents are caused by a lack of quality."