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    • multiple Hail hits on shingles

      The camera can show things better than the human eye. Move the mouse over the image to see what the lens sees.

    • hail hits on a roof

      Hail hits on a roof are not always easily detected, especially when some time has passed and they tend to lighten up

    • Hail hit roof

      This roof has obviouswind and hail damage. The felt paper is exposed. This roof needs immediate attention.

    • Closeup of Ridge shingle

      Closeup view of ridge shingle

    • view of ridge shingles

      View of ridge shingles showing the fiberglass matting.

    • Hail hit roof

      This roof has obvious hail damage

    • Insurance Adjuster marks

      An insurance adjusters marks. You can see that some hits are very hard to see. The adjusters often rely upon feel

    • Insurance Adjuster marks

      Closeup view of insurance adjusters marks. If you were to push down on these marks they have a lot of "give"

    • Furnace Cap

      This picture shows the hail damage, but the camera really brings out the denting